Davao Homeschooling Family: February 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FREE preschool homeschool curriculum!!

I'm a sucker for homeschool freebies because it just makes homeschooling a whole lot easier! As I've shared with my mom friends, I don't really follow a curriculum in our preschool homeschool. I just observe what my girls are into and incorporate it in our daily lessons. The problem with my system is that I always lose track of what my kids are "supposed to learn" in preschool. And that's where homeschool freebies come in, particularly free preschool homeschool curriculum!

There are a lot of homeschooling moms who offer free curricula that you can download online. However, the problem with these is that they offer the curriculum in sets. For example, one homeschooling blog is offering an alphabet-based preschool curriculum. She releases ABC this week, DEF next week (or month), and so on. After maybe 3-4 weeks, I completely forget to download the next sets!! Sucks. Download set - print - lesson - wait for next set - forget :(


So when I received an email from Homeschool Giveaways (I'm an email subscriber; you should subscribe too! They send fab freebie and giveaway alerts!) a few days back about getting a FREE preschool curriculum, I was ecstatic! Now I can follow our girls' progress in one single PDF. And if I feel extra industrious, I might even print some worksheets (also in the pdf) for the girls to work on ;-) Which reminds me, I need to buy ink for our HP printer, haha!

The "Look What I can Do!" curriculum is $19.95 normally~ fair price actually but if you can get it for free, such a blessing for frugal homeschooling family! :) It is composed of 34 lessons that will teach your 4- and 5-year olds about letter recognition, phonics (letter sounds), writing upper and lowercase letters, writing their name, read simple words via phonics, counting 1-10, shapes, opposites, days of the week, and most importantly: positive character traits! You can download the free curriculum HERE.

Your next step? Download the free preschool curriculum asap as it expires on February 28, 2015. And then share this blessing to other homeschooling families! Remember, sharing is caring! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Davao Date Night Chronicles: Coffee For Peace

Early this year, in a rather lengthy post, I shared my One Word for 2015: cherish. In that post, I said~
THIS YEAR, I CHOSE TO CHERISH MY FAMILY. I will treat my husband with tenderness and affection, I will nurture with care my lovely daughters, I will foster good relations with my parents and my family, I will hold dear and spend time with my friends, I will indulge my talents, I will encourage healthy living, I will cherish my life. Throughout 2015, cherish will be my guiding word in everything that I do.
Coffee For Peace's Mindanao Mint Mocha <3

Aside from my daily love rituals with Labsie, I wanted to have a once a month date night (or day) with him as part of my CHERISH resolve. It could be going to the movies, food trip, malling, or in the case tonight, just chillin' in a Davao coffee shop :) Of course, date night entails NO KIDS. And since our kids are quite clingy, we usually have our dates when they are napping in the afternoon or after bedtime~ when they (hopefully) won't look for us.

We didn't have a date night last January as my husband had a rather erratic work schedule and preferred to sleep when he's at home. So this February, I declare we'll have TWO date nights! Heehee! Date #1 just finished hours ago and we'll probably have Date #2 on Valentines weekend ;-) Here's what we did in our first date night for 2015~ involves food, of course, haha! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

FREE Valentines Day preschool printables!

Hello February!! :) I can't believe January is done! It seemed like the New Year celebration was just yesterday. How time flies!! And so, here we are, the second month of 2015. Valentines Day in two weeks, Chinese New Year, and our girls' birthdays in five weeks. Yes, yes, I have tons of stuff to do! But first, I will print and prepare homeschooling items for Valentines.

I have 3 main websites that I visit to download free homeschooling printables: education.com, Teachers Pay Teachers, and CurrClick. There are a lot of homeschooling blogs and websites that offer free printables but I prefer these sites for the sheer amount and variety of printables they offer :) Also, just to make it clear, these 3 sites also have paid homeschooling stuff, and the Davao Homeschooling Family has used both free and paid content on these sites. Anyway, here are some awesome free Valentines preschool printables that we found:

Valentines Day preschool Math printable from education.com :) The site has seven more preschool Math printables for Valentines so don't forget to download it all! Go here: http://www.education.com/slideshow/preschool-math-printables-valentine/valentines-day-beginning-subtraction