Davao Homeschooling Family: 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FREE preschool homeschool curriculum!!

I'm a sucker for homeschool freebies because it just makes homeschooling a whole lot easier! As I've shared with my mom friends, I don't really follow a curriculum in our preschool homeschool. I just observe what my girls are into and incorporate it in our daily lessons. The problem with my system is that I always lose track of what my kids are "supposed to learn" in preschool. And that's where homeschool freebies come in, particularly free preschool homeschool curriculum!

There are a lot of homeschooling moms who offer free curricula that you can download online. However, the problem with these is that they offer the curriculum in sets. For example, one homeschooling blog is offering an alphabet-based preschool curriculum. She releases ABC this week, DEF next week (or month), and so on. After maybe 3-4 weeks, I completely forget to download the next sets!! Sucks. Download set - print - lesson - wait for next set - forget :(


So when I received an email from Homeschool Giveaways (I'm an email subscriber; you should subscribe too! They send fab freebie and giveaway alerts!) a few days back about getting a FREE preschool curriculum, I was ecstatic! Now I can follow our girls' progress in one single PDF. And if I feel extra industrious, I might even print some worksheets (also in the pdf) for the girls to work on ;-) Which reminds me, I need to buy ink for our HP printer, haha!

The "Look What I can Do!" curriculum is $19.95 normally~ fair price actually but if you can get it for free, such a blessing for frugal homeschooling family! :) It is composed of 34 lessons that will teach your 4- and 5-year olds about letter recognition, phonics (letter sounds), writing upper and lowercase letters, writing their name, read simple words via phonics, counting 1-10, shapes, opposites, days of the week, and most importantly: positive character traits! You can download the free curriculum HERE.

Your next step? Download the free preschool curriculum asap as it expires on February 28, 2015. And then share this blessing to other homeschooling families! Remember, sharing is caring! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Davao Date Night Chronicles: Coffee For Peace

Early this year, in a rather lengthy post, I shared my One Word for 2015: cherish. In that post, I said~
THIS YEAR, I CHOSE TO CHERISH MY FAMILY. I will treat my husband with tenderness and affection, I will nurture with care my lovely daughters, I will foster good relations with my parents and my family, I will hold dear and spend time with my friends, I will indulge my talents, I will encourage healthy living, I will cherish my life. Throughout 2015, cherish will be my guiding word in everything that I do.
Coffee For Peace's Mindanao Mint Mocha <3

Aside from my daily love rituals with Labsie, I wanted to have a once a month date night (or day) with him as part of my CHERISH resolve. It could be going to the movies, food trip, malling, or in the case tonight, just chillin' in a Davao coffee shop :) Of course, date night entails NO KIDS. And since our kids are quite clingy, we usually have our dates when they are napping in the afternoon or after bedtime~ when they (hopefully) won't look for us.

We didn't have a date night last January as my husband had a rather erratic work schedule and preferred to sleep when he's at home. So this February, I declare we'll have TWO date nights! Heehee! Date #1 just finished hours ago and we'll probably have Date #2 on Valentines weekend ;-) Here's what we did in our first date night for 2015~ involves food, of course, haha! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

FREE Valentines Day preschool printables!

Hello February!! :) I can't believe January is done! It seemed like the New Year celebration was just yesterday. How time flies!! And so, here we are, the second month of 2015. Valentines Day in two weeks, Chinese New Year, and our girls' birthdays in five weeks. Yes, yes, I have tons of stuff to do! But first, I will print and prepare homeschooling items for Valentines.

I have 3 main websites that I visit to download free homeschooling printables: education.com, Teachers Pay Teachers, and CurrClick. There are a lot of homeschooling blogs and websites that offer free printables but I prefer these sites for the sheer amount and variety of printables they offer :) Also, just to make it clear, these 3 sites also have paid homeschooling stuff, and the Davao Homeschooling Family has used both free and paid content on these sites. Anyway, here are some awesome free Valentines preschool printables that we found:

Valentines Day preschool Math printable from education.com :) The site has seven more preschool Math printables for Valentines so don't forget to download it all! Go here: http://www.education.com/slideshow/preschool-math-printables-valentine/valentines-day-beginning-subtraction

Friday, January 30, 2015

of organizing the bedroom and yearly memories

Oh hai there homeschoolers / homeschooling moms! After slacking off blogging last week, I'm back to slacking this week. So sorry for the lack of updates, huhu! It can't be helped: the kids' colds turned into full-blown flu (colds, cough, fever) and our internet connection has been acting up. But it isn't all bad really, because I spent most of this week cleaning up our bedroom, yay! :) Here's how it looked like after I removed all our things (save for the furniture):

So clean and neat right?! I wish it could stay this way forever but unfortunately, I have to put back the kids' homeschooling items, their clothes and toys. We are co-sleeping that's why all their stuff are in our bedroom. But I know we will not be co-sleeping forever so I'm just taking this one day at a time, and not get overwhelmed with all the stuff. I can do this! Haha!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

that motherhood thing

Yep, motherhood, that's what kept me from blogging this week. Plus cold, rainy nights~ haha! Yep, I just slept like a baby through the past nights and did not even attempt to blog. I have no idea what happened to Davao this week: it has been raining HEAVILY every single night, with loud thunders to boot. The girls often wake up in the middle of the night, crying fearfully because of the loud booms :( Thankfully there were no reports of severe flooding in our city.

Anyway, I can't believe my previous post was last week! I actually have a schedule of posts but I just haven't had the time to follow it. Motherhood shifted into high gear this week and who am I to not follow it right? Our homeschooling hours in the morning were longer because the kids were more than interested than usual to do activities (outdoor and school ones), and then they got sick one after the other with colds which made them extra clingy all day long. There goes my me-time / "serious" blogging time. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Homeschool Saturday Wrap-up 2015: Weeks 2 and 3

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Homeschool Saturday Wrap-up. Twice a month (or bi-monthly if you prefer that term), I will be doing a round-up of our homeschool activities for the previous 2 weeks. I hope that this peek into our Davao homeschooling life will help you / give you an idea how to run your own homeschool too :) Enjoy the photo overload! Haha!

Week 2: January 4 - January 10, 2015

Jan 6: Big blocks and Lego bricks the whole afternoon :) 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Davao Homeschooling Resources: Offline Edition

Hello, hello! A handful of moms asked me where I get my homeschooling items here in Davao City and I shared with them the few stores that I buy from. I figured it would make a good post in case there's someone out there searching "where to buy homeschool items in Davao" :) Without much further ado, here's my top 3 favorite stores for our homeschooling needs:

1. BOOKSALE - This is a bookstore that sells preloved books so it's very, very affordable. I bought several almost-new Level 1 reading books from them for only P20 each! My usual budget when I go rummaging in BookSale is P100-150, and that's good for 5-10 books already. Frugal me is very happy! :) BookSale has branches in different Davao malls. It's in SM Ecoland (second floor), NCCC Matina (ground floor), SM Lanang to name a few. Here's some of our photos while visiting BookSale and the books we bought from it:

Recent rummage in BookSale, mid-2014 in SM Ecoland I think.

All the Christmas books here (left side) are from BookSale. That awesome Charlie Brown Christmas was only P75 and in mint condition! Love love!

Hardbound books of classic nursery songs with hand / body movements (Eensy Weensy Spider, Row Row Your Boat, This Little Piggy, etc) for only P25 each! I bought all I could find, 7books in all, hihi! That's the stack of books in lower left :)

From 2013! This is in NCCC Matina BookSale :) Aside from story books, there's also school activity books here and non-fiction (animals, plants, science) for your homeschool subjects.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year Week 2015

Good morning! How was your weekend everyone? Us, the Davao Homeschooling Family, had a restful one~ thanks to the cold weather which let us sleep in late til 8am. Yesss! ;-) To start off this week's blog posts, we'll go back to the very first week of the year first, New Year Week 2015. It had been a hectic one for us: traveling by sea and land, back to back to back parties, sick kid, and the usual shenanigans of under-5 kids. Phew! But now, looking back, I thank the Lord for it. It had strengthened my one word resolution for 2015, and it made our homeschooling family of four even closer :) Here are the week's highlights:

12/28: After one night in Samal (see our Christmas 2014 post and scroll to bottom), we stayed one night in Waterfront Insular Hotel~ one of the oldest luxury resort hotels in Davao :) Highlight of this day: our Vinta Bar date (lower right pics above) where I had my first alcoholic drink since getting pregnant in 2009 and breastfeeding since 2010. Awesome buzzzzz! ;-)

12/29: The fun continues in Waterfront! The kids truly loved the warm jacuzzi and enjoyed beachcombing too :) They also loved the breakfast buffet spread in Cafe Uno (not in pic). Maybe I should write a separate post on our Waterfront staycation, hmm..

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top 3 Gifts for Homeschoolers

Christmas may be over but we're not done opening gifts. It's not because we received too many gifts but because I don't let the girls open ALL gifts during the holidays. You know how it is when you let kids open everything at once: they get bored with the gifts all at once too! And you are left with bored kids and rejected toys (all the while coping from the holiday stress). So not fun at all! And the precious gifts aren't appreciated properly also, plus the kids miss the value of gift-giving.

And thus, until now (nearing mid-January), we still have presents to open :)  Here are the top 3 favorite gifts that my Davao homeschoolers received (so far) for Christmas 2014:

1. BRICKS AND BLOCKS! Whether it be Lego, Megabloks, Fisher-Price Little People Building Sets- you can never go wrong with blocks (except probably when the kids don't clean up and the 'rents step on a Lego block~ major aw! haha). Plus it fosters bonding time with the child and parent as they build blocks together :) My kids' paternal aunt and uncle got them Lego Friends sets while we gifted our youngest with the Fisher-Price blocks. Small bricks and big blocks~ perfect for their fine and gross motor (hand) skills!

Check how it looks like when fully built in Amazon :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

One Word for 2015: Cherish

Have you heard of "One Word"? It's a rather new trend where, during the start of the year, instead of making New Year resolutions, you choose one word that will guide the way you live your life that entire year. Resolutions are easily broken / forgotten, but one word? It will echo in your brain every single day ;-) I've first heard of this in 2013. Back then, my one word was SIMPLIFY. Here's a little background why I chose it: since my college days, I have simplified my life to have time for what is important, to lessen my carbon footprint, to be able to live freely without worrying about money. I lived this simplified lifestyle for a good 12 years when 2009 came and I found out we were pregnant.

source: http://meganklauerdesign.blogspot.com/2012/12/one-little-word-2013-simplify.html
Finding out we were pregnant set me in panic mode. Because nothing is simple when you have kids right? Need money to buy clothes, feeding bottles, beddings, toys, etc, etc. The list was seemingly endless. We managed when we had our first baby in 2010. When the youngest was born in 2012, I was sorely missing my simple single life. Then I realized that except for the commercial crap I've been buying for the kids, the rest of my parenting style was "simple".

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

first day high!

And just like that, we're back to homeschooling! :) It's as if the hectic Christmas holidays didn't happen and we're just rolling along our "normal" routine. Unfortunately, I'm reminded everyday that the holidays did happen because there's a huge stash of opened gifts by our bedroom door that I didn't clean up yet. Hohoho! #OrganizeMe2015 is clearly not happening in our home! But... we'll talk about organization in another post as today is all about our first day of homeschool for 2015!

If you're a bit confused with the post's title, it refers to the feeling of optimism or excitement ("high") during the first day of school. Which is what January 5, 2015 was in our home :) And instead of slowly easing into our homeschool routine, we jumped right into it after breakfast! I remember when I was a kid that I dreaded going back to school after the Christmas or summer breaks; but thankfully, our two girls are excited to do school activities again.

The Eldest (right) wanted to color her Jollibee placemat (from her cousin's birthday party) while The Youngest started her pre-writing exercises. Her book is wipe-clean and is a gift from her aunt. Thank you Aunty Rye! She loves it and finished half of the book in one sitting, w00t! Our toddler's focus is definitely improving :) After all the writing and coloring, we had our reading and Math lessons with this awesome flip book:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hey, hey dear readers! Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a hectic New Year Week as I anticipated in our previous post. We still have one more party this Saturday (plus our eldest is sick!) so I'll keep this post sweet and short. I'm pretty sure your home is quite busy too as the holidays are wrapping up :) Without further much ado, here's our family Happy New Year card:


Aren't our kids adorable? Haha! The youngest is such a ham. That's her new pose: eyes closed with tongue out, lol! This wonderful photo of ours was taken in Samal last December 27 during hubby's family reunion. So happy we finally had a decent family picture before 2014 ended! Thank you so much Joebert for taking a lot of photos of our family :) If you're reading this, your effort is very much appreciated.

The lovely frame and wordart, by the way, is from the awesome Rhonna Designs app. I highly recommend you install this app asap if you like to play with your photos like me, hihi! It's available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. It also has a partner design app called RD Magic which I haven't tried yet as it's only available for iOS. Can't wait for the Android version to come out! <3

And before I type more photo editor app recommendations (I have lots!), let me close this post already, haha! Have a wonderful and prosperous 2015 everyone! Homeschooling posts will be back next week. So stay tuned for that dear homeschoolers! :)