Davao Homeschooling Family: of organizing the bedroom and yearly memories

Friday, January 30, 2015

of organizing the bedroom and yearly memories

Oh hai there homeschoolers / homeschooling moms! After slacking off blogging last week, I'm back to slacking this week. So sorry for the lack of updates, huhu! It can't be helped: the kids' colds turned into full-blown flu (colds, cough, fever) and our internet connection has been acting up. But it isn't all bad really, because I spent most of this week cleaning up our bedroom, yay! :) Here's how it looked like after I removed all our things (save for the furniture):

So clean and neat right?! I wish it could stay this way forever but unfortunately, I have to put back the kids' homeschooling items, their clothes and toys. We are co-sleeping that's why all their stuff are in our bedroom. But I know we will not be co-sleeping forever so I'm just taking this one day at a time, and not get overwhelmed with all the stuff. I can do this! Haha!

Aside from organizing our bedroom, I also spent the week making a personalized 2015 calendar for my in-laws :) I knooow, so late already! January is almost done but what can I do? December was so hectic and the first part of January was spent going back to our normal routine. Anyway, I was already done with my family's calendar the other week (which arrived this week, yay!) and I was expecting to be done fast with my in-laws' calendar. But our internet connection was choppy the entire week and delayed the project. Hopefully I'll finish it over the weekend.

Since 2009, I ordered our personalized calendars via Artscow but last year, the calendars got lost (and I was forced to DIY our 2014 calendar!). It wasn't their fault it got lost but the local post office's but still, I was scared to order calendars from them. I still order personalized trinkets and stuff from them though :) Anyway, I looked for a new company and found Photobook Worldwide / Photobook Philippines. They actually made the photobooks of my 2014 Project Life photos :) Last year, they added personalized calendars to their products and that's what I ordered for 2015.

The photos I used for the monthly calendar spread are from last year's. Example, for January 2015, I used our New Year pictures from 2014. In effect, the personalized calendar that I make is sort of an album / organizer / time capsule of family events and memories from the previous year. It makes me happy to look at the past birthday parties, trips, and sometimes our mundane moments :) It makes my parents and hubby's parents happy too, and that's all that really matters to me..

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