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Saturday, January 24, 2015

that motherhood thing

Yep, motherhood, that's what kept me from blogging this week. Plus cold, rainy nights~ haha! Yep, I just slept like a baby through the past nights and did not even attempt to blog. I have no idea what happened to Davao this week: it has been raining HEAVILY every single night, with loud thunders to boot. The girls often wake up in the middle of the night, crying fearfully because of the loud booms :( Thankfully there were no reports of severe flooding in our city.

Anyway, I can't believe my previous post was last week! I actually have a schedule of posts but I just haven't had the time to follow it. Motherhood shifted into high gear this week and who am I to not follow it right? Our homeschooling hours in the morning were longer because the kids were more than interested than usual to do activities (outdoor and school ones), and then they got sick one after the other with colds which made them extra clingy all day long. There goes my me-time / "serious" blogging time. 
Now that I am writing this blog post, I have grown thankful for this week. I got plenty of sleep, the girls had lots of learning experiences, and despite being sick and clingy, they were actually in a good mood :) Also, even if I wasn't able to blog (I aim to post 2-4x a week), I was able to read mommy blogs and there were some memorable posts that spoke to my heart. Here are the top5 inspiring motherhood blog posts I read this week:

An Open Letter to the Mothers of Preschoolers (Her kids are 2 years apart just like my girls! And her preschooler experiences were same as mine, haha! Can't wait when my kids are teens just like hers. Teen angst, bring it on!)

A Letter to My Friends About Why I Can’t Attend a “No Children” Event (Well, the title says it all. My friends who have no kids have stopped inviting me to their shindigs a long time ago. The last 2 lines made me tear up a bit as it is how I feel exactly.)

The Motherhood Days We Don’t Talk About That Much But We Should (The imperfect days, the days when you just screamed from morning til night, the frustrating days.. Moms aren't robots; we get tired too~ physically, emotionally, psychologically. We are humans.)

Funny Facebook Updates by Parents (My stress-buster!! Haha! I can totally relate and LOL'd at most of the updates, hihi!)

Say, "Thank You, Hon." (This hit me on the spot! I should be really more appreciative of the things that hubby does for us. He is a very fun dad and sweet hubby; I'm truly lucky to have hime!)

So my week isn't really "wasted". I might have not been productive in blogging but I learned a lot, slept a lot, and the girls learned a lot too. Whoop-tee-doo! :) How about you? How did your week with the kids go? Do share in the comments below!

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