Davao Homeschooling Family: Homeschool Saturday Wrap-up 2015: Weeks 2 and 3

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Homeschool Saturday Wrap-up 2015: Weeks 2 and 3

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Homeschool Saturday Wrap-up. Twice a month (or bi-monthly if you prefer that term), I will be doing a round-up of our homeschool activities for the previous 2 weeks. I hope that this peek into our Davao homeschooling life will help you / give you an idea how to run your own homeschool too :) Enjoy the photo overload! Haha!

Week 2: January 4 - January 10, 2015

Jan 6: Big blocks and Lego bricks the whole afternoon :) 

Jan 7: Preschool science - color mixing after naptime.

Jan 8: Writing for The Eldest and coloring for The Youngest. Preschool science - skeleton and parts of the body show & tell :) I bought the skeleton wipe and clean book in Gaisano Mall Department Store / School Supplies section (first floor) for only P45. Win!

Jan 9: Shapes and color sorting for The Youngest, and writing first name for The Eldest. The shapes sorter is made of plastic and I bought it in Booksale for less than P50. We also have wooden ones but it's kinda bulky so it's stays in the playroom.

Jan 10: Piano lessons and PE (running) in a university <3

---------- oOo ----------

Week 3: January 11 - January 17, 2015

Jan 12: I left the girls with hubby, and he guided them with their homeschool activities. Check the story on my IG here.

Jan13: My nephew's first birthday! The Eldest helped with the party preps while The Youngest was busy socializing with the under-10 visitors. Fun times! :)

Jan 14: Naming and writing the names of the body parts of Olaf and human boy. The Youngest was busy watching Circle Time songs on Youtube. We also packed up our Christmas decor.

Jan 15: Left The Youngest with hubby (they said they PlayDoh and made Baymax) while I went hunting for home organizers with The Eldest (who got tired of walking around, haha).

Jan16: Back to "serious" homeschooling"! Name writing exercises for The Eldest and pre-writing activities for The Youngest. Yes, there was crying involve, hihi! Bad mommy! Full story on my IG here.

Jan 17: Saturday is Music and Arts day! Piano lessons in the morning (topmost pic) and fingerpainting in the afternoon with watercolor. The Eldest painted the leftmost artwork in the last photo. Can you guess what animal is the blue one?

And that's a wrap! It's been a busy two weeks for us, and now that I saw all our homeschooling photos, I think we're missing Math lessons. Haha! Though we have blocks and bricks to build spatial intelligence to better understand Math and logic problems later on, I still think The Eldest ought to have more concrete Math lessons as she's turning 5 in two months. Wait, what? My first baby is turning 5 already?! How time flies!! o.O

As for reading (not pictured), we do it in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime. It's non-negotiable. I can do away with lessons if the girls aren't up to it, but daily reading (any book) is a must. The Eldest is already a fluent Level 1 reader while The Youngest loves to tell the story (from her memory) as she flips through the pages, hihi! Here's a short video of our preschoolers reading together from 3 months ago :) Aren't they cute?! Hihi! #proudmom

If you have any questions on how to start homeschooling, don't hesitate to comment here (below) or in Google+, Instragram, Twitter, and Facebook. Yes, I'm the queen of social media. Haha! And yes, all these accounts are updated (almost) daily. What can I say? I'm an offline introvert - online extrovert, ahihi! See you next time for our biweekly homeschool wrap-up!