Davao Homeschooling Family: New Year Week 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year Week 2015

Good morning! How was your weekend everyone? Us, the Davao Homeschooling Family, had a restful one~ thanks to the cold weather which let us sleep in late til 8am. Yesss! ;-) To start off this week's blog posts, we'll go back to the very first week of the year first, New Year Week 2015. It had been a hectic one for us: traveling by sea and land, back to back to back parties, sick kid, and the usual shenanigans of under-5 kids. Phew! But now, looking back, I thank the Lord for it. It had strengthened my one word resolution for 2015, and it made our homeschooling family of four even closer :) Here are the week's highlights:

12/28: After one night in Samal (see our Christmas 2014 post and scroll to bottom), we stayed one night in Waterfront Insular Hotel~ one of the oldest luxury resort hotels in Davao :) Highlight of this day: our Vinta Bar date (lower right pics above) where I had my first alcoholic drink since getting pregnant in 2009 and breastfeeding since 2010. Awesome buzzzzz! ;-)

12/29: The fun continues in Waterfront! The kids truly loved the warm jacuzzi and enjoyed beachcombing too :) They also loved the breakfast buffet spread in Cafe Uno (not in pic). Maybe I should write a separate post on our Waterfront staycation, hmm..

12/30: My Pisay barkada's yearly Christmas get-together! Or should I say potluck dinner? Love you guys! #bestfriendssincehighschool

12/31: Last sunset of 2014. See my Instagram post about this coz I wrote a kind of mini-Year in Review there, hihi!

1/15: HAPPY NEW YEAR from Kidapawan!! Unlike in Davao City where firecrackers are banned, here it's not so the kids were treated with a view fantastic fireworks :) Where's the big sis? See next pic. Yes, she was sick~ vomiting and LBM more than five times in one day. Thankfully she was okay the next day with the BRAT diet. Praise the Lord!
1/3: Last party of holiday 2014! My nephew's advance first birthday party in Jollibee Matina Town Square (in front Ateneo high school). The Youngest won one of the best costume awards (right upper pic) and she was sooo happy! :)

And to answer the question in your mind, yes, the photos here and in our Christmas Week recap are from my Instagram. If you want up-to-date posts from me, follow me in IG! You can also ask me homeschooling questions, attachment parenting + breastfeeding + cloth diapering stuff, and the likes there~ and I'll be sure to answer in a jiffy :) I post one photo a day, usually a collage, to document what happened in that day. If you're familiar with Project365, Project Life, etc~ that's what I do. And guess what? Last year / 2014 was my first completed year since I started this project in 2006! Or 2007 maybe. Awesomesauce right?! This year / 2015, I hope to successfully document my entire year again. First week is done, 51 weeks to go!