Davao Homeschooling Family: Christmas Week 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Week 2014

Hey, hey! How's everybody? Still hung over from all the holiday food? :) Because the Davao Homeschooling Family certainly is! We spent our Christmas Week with the in-laws in Davao del Norte and the food was endless! The seafood feasts (shrimps, crabs, fresh fish) just kept on coming. We all probably gained five pounds from all the eating we did there. Haha! Add to that the parties from my side of the family. The holidays are truly nasty to our waistlines, heehee! Anyway, here's a review of our family's Christmas Week this year:

12/21: Hubby and the girls with their #SelfieSunday pics :) I was busy packing our stuff for our Christmas mini-vacay at the in-laws and hubby was the one who watched the girls.

12/22: New pup at the in-laws!! :)

12/23: How we wrapped our gifts this year :)

12/24: Christmas Eve <3

12/25: It's Christmas morning! And my breakfast? Swiss Miss chocolate drink and my favorite holiday food: fruitcake!! It's sooo good when done right!

12/26: My Ilocana paternal grandmother who cooks so well <3 Read my IG post about her here. She stayed with us for a bit over Christmas as my paternal family's reunion was held in our home.

12/27: Hubby's clan reunion in Samal. Hello sand, sea and sky! :)

And that's it, our very busy but super fun Christmas Week 2014! Up next: New Year Week! Which promises to be very hectic as we have back to back family reunions and parties until January 3. Good luck to us! Haha! How about you? How was your Christmas?