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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Homeschooling young kids

And by young, I mean less than four years old :) When I started homeschooling, very informal mind you, my kids were 15months old and 3years & 3months old. Our "lessons" consisted mostly of sensory play with play dough and blocks. Some involved food, hihi! Here are some of our Instagram photos from mid-2013:

PRETEND PLAY WITH PLAY DOUGH! The Eldest made bacon, spaghetti, burger, and pizza. Green bacon doesn't look appetizing noh? Hihi!

PRESCHOOL ART by The Eldest. Correction fluid + wooden blocks = toddler modern art :p

TEACHING COLORS via leftover rainbow cake! No spoonful of cake if the kid doesn't get the color right. Heehee!

PRESCHOOL MATH via shapes and wooden blocks :)

As you can see above, starting preschool homeschool is easy. The hard part comes later; teaching long division anyone? Haha! But that's yearsss down the road so don't fret mommy ;-) For preschool, all you need is just a set time during the day where you teach (by play) the basics-- shapes, colors, strengthening finger muscles by play dough, etc. I didn't even teach them numbers and the alphabet, though we have letter magnets on the fridge. And the most important thing of all? READ TO YOUR CHILD EVERY DAY. If you can do it more than 3 times a day, even better! Read to them in the morning, before naptime, in the afternoon, and before bedtime. It will build their vocabulary so they to speak faster, they learn to read (on their own) faster too, and most importantly, establish you as their first teacher :)