Davao Homeschooling Family: Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hohoho! How are you guys doing on this lovely and cold Christmas Eve? Us? We are waiting for the family's much-anticipated food feast, the Noche Buena, to begin! Yep, we're forming moarrr fats! Haha! But hey, Christmas just comes once a year, so hubby and I don't feel really guilty indulging in all the rich holiday food :) We promise to shed all the December pounds come January~ and we're not kidding! Just trying to be responsible parents okay? ;-)

Even if it's not officially Christmas yet, let my lovely homeschooling family greet you a wonderful Merry Christmas and a fantastic Happy New Year too! If you don't celebrate these holidays, have an awesome end of December / 2014 yearend to you! :) I know our family photo above isn't perfect (look at the kids, lol) but it's the only one where we are complete. Most of our pics are one parent + two kids, sigh! So for 2015, my #1 resolution is to have a complete family photo MONTHLY. That way, come December, we have lots of photos to choose from for our family Christmas card.

That's about it for now. Thanks for dropping by our blog on this special day. Happy holidays and let's get on feasting! Hihi!

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