Davao Homeschooling Family: 2-ingredient healthy cookies recipe!

Monday, December 8, 2014

2-ingredient healthy cookies recipe!

YES, you only need TWO ingredients! Curious? Read on below! :)

Us moms are always pressed for time. Too many household chores to do; some you do over and over again. If only we can automate these mundane tasks! One of the chores that we do daily, for at least 3 times a day, is cooking. So much time goes to that~ meal planning, buying the ingredients, preparation, and the actual cooking. Add a toddler or two to the mix and you know you're gonna be "cooking" for a looong time! Haha!

I have two preschoolers who are always vying for my attention~ especially when I'm doing something that requires close attention. What's up with that anyway? Kids always know when to disturb you, lol! So I have since learned to SIMPLIFY everything, especially cooking. The truth is, I'm luckier than most moms as my own mother cooks most of our meals. So I'm not that stressed on cooking really. But on times when I'm the head cook,  I always go for the simple dishes. Time is gold! ;-) I'd rather be spending my time playing with the girls than slaving away in the kitchen.

One of easiest snacks I made was the banana oatmeal cookies. The kids can even help without making the cooking time longer than usual, hihi! So, from its name, you know already what it's made up of: banana and oatmeal. And that's all you need! I promised you a 2-ingredient healthy cookie recipe right? :) Yep, NO sugar as banana is naturally sweet, and NO flour or eggs as well. Perfect for vegans and people who are allergic to gluten and eggs!

And the best thing with this recipe? You can make it your own! You can add chocolate chips, raisins, etc. You can even change oatmeal into some other healthy grain. The possibilities are endless! You are only limited to what you can imagine ;-) And so, without much further ado, here's your easy-peasy healthy banana oatmeal cookies recipe. ENJOY! And if you like the end-result, don't forget to share this uber-simple recipe in your fave social networks! The buttons are in the grayish box below the post. Thanks dearies! :)

easy-peasy Banana Oatmeal cookies!