Davao Homeschooling Family: Top 3 Gifts for Homeschoolers

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top 3 Gifts for Homeschoolers

Christmas may be over but we're not done opening gifts. It's not because we received too many gifts but because I don't let the girls open ALL gifts during the holidays. You know how it is when you let kids open everything at once: they get bored with the gifts all at once too! And you are left with bored kids and rejected toys (all the while coping from the holiday stress). So not fun at all! And the precious gifts aren't appreciated properly also, plus the kids miss the value of gift-giving.

And thus, until now (nearing mid-January), we still have presents to open :)  Here are the top 3 favorite gifts that my Davao homeschoolers received (so far) for Christmas 2014:

1. BRICKS AND BLOCKS! Whether it be Lego, Megabloks, Fisher-Price Little People Building Sets- you can never go wrong with blocks (except probably when the kids don't clean up and the 'rents step on a Lego block~ major aw! haha). Plus it fosters bonding time with the child and parent as they build blocks together :) My kids' paternal aunt and uncle got them Lego Friends sets while we gifted our youngest with the Fisher-Price blocks. Small bricks and big blocks~ perfect for their fine and gross motor (hand) skills!

Check how it looks like when fully built in Amazon :)

2. ART SUPPLIES :) The kids love to draw, color, paint, and do all kinds of crazy stuff with their art supplies. So we are always in need of crayons, poster color, paint, etc. This Christmas, The Youngest got the awesomest art stuff gift ever from her ninang Charo and ate Lianne (thank you!!) --

We were gifted with a DORA Bath Time Paint Set. There's also Doc McStuffins Bath Time Paint SetDisney Cars Bath Time Paint Set and many more sets for sale! :)

Yes, BATH paints!! It's actually kind of a colored liquid bath soap that suds up really quick. They kids can do body painting while bathing, or paint the bath tub with it. Messing with colors isn't that hard to clean up anymore when it's done with bathing! Really ingenious idea! ;-) In the picture above, we had a bit of preschool science lesson as well~ primary color mixing! What color will you get if you mix red and yellow, blue and yellow, and so on? We did this outdoors so we can do "street art" on the cement after, hihi!

3. BOOKS! Of every shape, size, and kind! :) Now that our preschooler can read, it's so much fun to look at her fall in love with a new book. And by new, I don't mean "brandnew"; "preloved but new to us" is also just fine. Preloved books are love! This year, The Eldest got an artbook for inspiration (she wants to be a painter / architect) and The Youngest got a wipe-clean writing exercise book; both from their Aunty Rye. From us and my mom, they got a slew of preloved Christmas books that we read throughout December. That's some of the books below, hidden in our holiday box :)

And that wraps up our top 3 gifts for homeschoolers list! But I think this doesn't just apply for Christmas gifts. I'm pretty sure the girls would love to receive these 3 kinds of gifts on their birthdays too! Their birthdays are coming in two months; and yes, that's a <hint hint> in case my family, relatives, and the girls' godparents are reading this blog post. Hihi! ;-) How about your child? What was his / her favorite gifts this Christmas? Do share in the comments below!